What is the electronic cigarette?

A recent invention…
The first electronic cigarette was created in 2003 by Hon Lik, a Chinese
pharmacist who filed a patent with WIPO in 2005. The technology used at the time
was the “ultra-sonic” which has nothing to do with nowadays technology based on
a simple resistance and not intended to produce smoke, but to deliver a vapor with
The main idea of creating a device that reproduces the sensations of smoking was
The device looks like a small metal cylinder barely longer than a real one. The
filter contains a replaceable cartridge filled with a flavored liquid added with
artificial flavors and nicotine (optionally). When the cartridge contains nicotine, its
dosage may vary as copying volumes delivered by a conventional cigarette
(Dosages range from 0mg/ml to 19.9mg/ml).
After aspiring, the electromechanical device activates an atomizer that mixes the
liquid with the inspired air (a simple resistor with holes). This mixture is propelled
as a vapor and is inhaled by the user. The evaporation gives the visual impression
of the real smoke produced by a cigarette while a light emitting diode located at the
end simulates the combustion. The device does not only simulates the act of
smoking but delivers vaporized mixture at a temperature of 50-60 ° C, comparable
to that of a conventional cigarette smoke but without combustion.
The design of the electronic cigarette differs depending on the proposed models,
and can range from a simple cigarette size, a cigar’s or pipe’s while combining
several colors. Some models stand out by adopting innovative designs.
The electronic cigarettes benefits and health effects:
The operation of the electronic cigarette is simple: like any conventional
cigarette, you inhale droplets of nicotine and tobacco flavor, imitating the
process of smoking.
The scientific research showed that the cigarette’s smoke contains more
than 4,000 chemicals harmful to the human body and that cause many
diseases, due to the carbon monoxide, the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon
and nitrosamine; these substances are considered as the most dangerous.
The electronic cigarette reproduces effectively the sensations of a cigarette
that does not contain these 4000 harmful substances.
It releases only water vapor with no risk of any kind of pollution.
Forget your matches, lighters, ashtrays and enjoy the feelings of smoking a
cigarette without suffering of smoking damages.
It should be noted that the electronic cigarette is not yet considered as a
smoking cessation instrument, unlike England.
The AFSAPS recommends the use of electronic cigarettes because of the
lack of long term tests. AFSAPS also launched a study on the electronic
cigarette that its results are expected in a few months. However, AFSAPS
does not accidentally point out that a liquid without propylene glycol exists
here. Moreover, we offer our customers on our site the RED OAK range
without propylene glycol therefore a 100% vegetable glycerin.
The USA had the same debate a few years ago in order to make it legal at
the end. Once again, France once again took it well behind.
The debate could take much more hours.
Good VAPOTE to all.

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